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  • Join as a Group to Elevate Your Marketing Team

    Marketing teams of 3 or more join AMA as a group to achieve a new level of success! Giving more team members access to the AMA community and resources helps them stay at the forefront of the dynamic marketing landscape, contributing to achieving your organization’s goals and remaining competitive.

Benefits of AMA Group Membership

Access to the AMA Community

Connect, collaborate and conquer challenges together. Enjoy discounts on AMA events, providing your team with valuable opportunities to network, exchange ideas and forge meaningful business relationships.

Latest Marketing Research

Ignite innovation with unlimited access to five industry-leading AMA Academic Journals. Equip your team with the latest industry findings, empowering them to bring fresh knowledge and perspectives to your organization. 

Best Pricing

Help your team keep their skills relevant with discounted pricing on training, certifications and conferences.

Member-Only Tools and Programming

Arm your team with exclusive toolkits, inspirational webinars, DEI insights and more!

Savings and a Single Transaction

Save $30 per member and streamline your membership management with a single transaction.

Group Membership Pricing

3+ Individuals: $139/year per person

Do you have a group of more than 30 individuals? Contact AMA Customer Support for special pricing.

Convince Your Employer

We’ve created this template to help you convince your organization of the value they’ll get from AMA Group Membership.

How to Join or Renew as a Group

Joining or renewing is a breeze for both new and returning members. Simply assign one person in your group to: 

  1. Log in to your AMA Account.
  2. Enter the total number of people and proceed to the payment screen.
  3. After payment has been processed, you’ll be emailed a receipt and a unique group code.
  4. Share the code with everyone in your group so they can individually redeem their membership!

    Note: The group code will be valid for 30 days after the payment has been processed and cannot be used more times than the number of memberships purchased. Each group member must register for a one-year membership online and enter their group code in the “discount code” box to pay for the membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

New members, those who wish to renew an expired membership, and those who want to renew a membership that has not yet expired. 

Renewing/joining with a group adds 12 months to your current membership. 

All members, whether individual or group, enjoy access to the same set of member perks. However, group membership offers the extra benefit of a single transaction and savings.



Important Things to Note

  • Membership Term: Each individual’s membership term begins on the day they register using the group code and expires one year later.
  • Ownership: Memberships purchased as part of the group discount program will be owned by each individual member. Each member retains their non-transferable membership until expiration.
  • Annual Renewal: Group contacts will need to purchase a new group code each year, allowing the flexibility to update individuals in the group.
  • Refund Policy: No refunds are issued for unused Group Discount memberships.


Have more questions or need assistance? Contact AMA Customer Support for personalized guidance.