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AMA Foundation Board of Advisors

2021-2022 AMA Foundation Board of Advisors

The AMAF Board of Advisors has equal representation from the academic and practitioner fields as we strive to serve the unique philanthropic goals of both groups.

Academic Subcommittee

Immediate Past Chairperson
Gail Zank

McCoy College of Business Administration
Texas State University

Bob Leone
Neeley School of Business
Texas Christian University

Stephanie Noble
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Terry Esper
Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University

Rebecca Slotegraaf, Chair-Elect
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University

Beth Walker
College of Business
Colorado State University

Practitioner Subcommittee

Ric Sweeney
University of Cincinnati

Lisa Gudding

Tom Abrahamson
ReWired, LLC

Michelle Elster
Rabin Research Company

Joan Treistman
The Treistman Group

Megan Lau
Microsoft Corporation