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AMA Code of Conduct

Introduction and Overview

The purpose of the AMA Code of Conduct is to define the standards of behavior expected in all interactions in the AMA community and to describe how reported violations will be handled.  

The American Marketing Association (AMA) expects all of its employees, volunteers, participants, sponsors, partners, and all others engaging with the AMA to uphold a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct. The AMA is committed to fairness, inclusion, transparency, and a healthy work environment, which we view as foundational to AMA’s brand. 

For this reason, all AMA employees, Board Members, and volunteer leaders are expected to know and follow the conduct guidelines set forth in the AMA Code of Conduct. In addition, It is the responsibility of all directors, officers, volunteers, and employees to comply with the Code of Conduct and to report violations or suspected violations.  Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment and separation from the AMA organization. 

The AMA Code of Conduct is subject to change and may be amended or supplemented, pending approval by AMA leadership and the AMA Board. 

The Code of Conduct Has Four Sections:

  1. Introduction and Overview (This Article)
  2. AMA Statement of Ethics
  3. AMA Behavior Expectations
  4. AMA Code of Conduct Reporting Procedures

The Introduction and Overview section provides a summary of the Code of Conduct, including links to the full policies for each section.  

The Statement of Ethics addresses the AMA’s position on the ethical standards that marketers should observe while practicing marketing as part of their profession. This includes standards for research into marketing.  

The Behavior Expectations outlines norms for interactions within the AMA community.  This section contains four component policies:

  1. General Conduct & Anti-racism
  2. Financial Integrity & Responsibility
  3. Commitment to Conference Safety
  4. Conflict of Interest

The Reporting Procedures outline the steps any member of the AMA community can take when they believe they have encountered behavior that does not meet with the standards of the AMA Code of Conduct. This includes who to contact, what to expect as next steps, and guidance to AMA community entities (e.g. Chapters, SIGs) for handling issues reported locally.