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AMA Sponsors and Partners | Promoted Content

Why Promoted Content?

Your unique content helps to establish your company as a thought leader, builds awareness about your company’s services and generates a steady stream of leads.

We accept various kinds of lead-generating content, including guides, e-books, reports and white papers.

What If My Company Doesn’t Have a Content Development Team?

Don’t worry – the AMA is here for you. Our team of content experts can help you draft custom content to showcase your expertise on a marketing-related topic. With our help, you’ll have the perfect piece of content to share with clients and prospects and generate new leads.

Promoted Content Opportunities

Ready to showcase your knowledge to the marketing community and generate sales leads? The AMA has multiple options to bring your content to life on our channels:

  • Sponsored Homepage Content – Feature your content on the homepage of the AMA website for a full week. This includes three social media posts, promotion in the My AMA Daily e-newsletter and additional exposure on another page of for three months.
  • Marketing News Quarterly Spread –Showcase your content and full-page ad in Marketing News Quarterly, the flagship AMA publication for the marketing community.
  • Social Media Posts – Promote your content to over 500,000 followers through one or more AMA social media channels.

Guides and E-Books

Showcase your expertise to the marketing community through a comprehensive guide or e-book and generate new sales leads! Guides and eBooks are an affordable method of creating new content to attract your target audience. The AMA hosts your content on our website for six months. This includes:

  • A link to a landing page featuring a summary of your content, key takeaways, and your logo and contact information.
  • A download button linked with a lead generation form.
  • Promotion to the AMA audience, including through the My AMA Daily e-newsletter, other AMA newsletters and social channels.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our staff is always ready to help you determine the best products to achieve your marketing goals.

Dive Deeper

Download our media kit to gain more insights into how different products perform, the audiences you can reach and how AMA can help you achieve your business goals.

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