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AMA Sponsors and Partners | Emails

Who Receives the Sponsored Email?

A sponsored email can be segmented to reach the audience of your choice, whether that is our practitioner, collegiate or academic audiences (or even a combination!) It all depends on your goals and target audience. We offer two different email options to feature your content and generate leads.

What If My Company Can’t Design The Email?

Don’t worry – the AMA is here for you. Use our easy template to put your content in front of our audience. Or check out our email tips and tricks for guidance on building an email that will engage your target audience.

Email Options

Dedicated Email

  • Feature your thought leadership exclusively with white papers, e-books or other engaging content
  • Design an email to match your brand
  • Drive traffic to your customized lead generation form for instant results

Industry Insights Email

  • A shared newsletter that features your content alongside a maximum of five other sponsors
  • Drive traffic to your chosen website or page
  • Upgrade your placement with premium positioning that guarantees you the top spot for maximum visibility


Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our staff is always ready to help you determine the best products to achieve your marketing goals.

Dive Deeper

Download our media kit to gain more insights into how different products perform, the audiences you can reach and how AMA can help you achieve your business goals.

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