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Webinar Options

What Is the Best Webinar Option For My Company?

The AMA offers multiple webinar options to engage your target audience:

  • Three-Part Series – Create sustained engagement with the AMA audience by running a series of three webinars on related topics.
  • Thought Leadership – Showcase your expertise to a wide audience in an engaging way – all from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Product Demo – Demonstrate a new product and the solutions it offers to marketers. Engage your audience in an interactive Q&A to help further shape your message.
  • Panel – No need to limit your webinar to one speaker – our webinar platform can feature multiple speakers and a host to moderate your panel of experts.
  • Coffee Break Series – Broadcast bite-sized content over the span of one week to generate new leads each day. Each series consists of five micro-webinars that are each 10-12 minutes long.
  • On-Demand Promotion– We’ll promote your original AMA-produced webinar through a dedicated marketing campaign that drives attendance to the on-demand version and generates fresh leads for you.

Promotional Package

Every webinar comes with a promotional package that drives an average of 300-500 registrants.

Promotional channels include:

  • One dedicated email
  • A landing page on
  • Inclusion in AMA newsletters
  • Inclusion in the AMA weekly webinar digest
  • On-demand promotion, if applicable
  • Exposure to over 100,000 followers via one social media post

Webinar Features

Our interactive platform offers multiple tools and features to engage your audience.

Webinar Features Include:

  • Webcam, split screen and live video stream
  • Polls, surveys and quizzes
  • Social media integration
  • Lead retrieval portal
    ….and much more!

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