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Alpha Mu Alpha

Alpha Mu Alpha

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Since its inception in 1937, the American Marketing Association (AMA) has been committed to the advancement of excellence in the field of marketing. It’s this commitment which fostered the establishment of Alpha Mu Alpha in the Spring of 1981. Alpha Mu Alpha is the national marketing honorary for qualified undergraduate, graduate and doctoral marketing students as well as marketing faculty.

Alpha Mu Alpha is the national marketing honorary for qualified undergraduate, graduate and doctoral marketing students as well as marketing faculty.

Under the backing of the AMA, a selected advisory committee of marketing educators designed the Alpha Mu Alpha recognition program to acknowledge outstanding scholastic achievement on a highly competitive basis. 

Alpha Mu Alpha Membership

Membership status in Alpha Mu Alpha is available to individuals who attend a college or university having an established AMA collegiate chapter, and/or who attend a regionally or nationally accredited institution. The appropriate faculty advisor nominates marketing students in the semester of their graduation who meet the academic standards.


Individuals meeting one of the requirements below are eligible for nomination by their AMA faculty advisor (or a tenured marketing faculty for those universities without an AMA collegiate chapter). Acceptance will include an honorary personalized certificate, pin and cord.

  • ​Senior Undergraduate Students – All marketing students holding a minimum overall G.P.A. of 3.25.
    • For institutions that do not have a marketing major, students with a GPA of 3.25 demonstrating excellence in their marketing-related filed can be nominated.
  • ​Graduate Students – All students in the top 20% GPA of all students in a master’s level program and concentrating in marketing.  A concentration is considered a minimum of two graduate marketing courses beyond the core graduate course in marketing.
  • ​Doctoral Students – All doctoral students majoring in marketing who have completed their course work and passed their comprehensive examination.
  • ​Marketing Faculty – A member of the instructional, research, or administrative staff of the school, holding full-time appointment in marketing, may be inducted upon the attainment of tenure at that school. For those faculty/institutions where tenure is not applicable, the individual must have completed six years of such work at the institution.
  • Self-Nomination Not Accepted – Nominees cannot self-nominate themselves for Alpha Mu Alpha, and will be rejected.

Alpha Mu Alpha Nomination Submission Process & Timeline

As you begin to consider your Alpha Mu Alpha nomination(s) for the Fall or the Spring semester, please plan accordingly to ensure that your nominee(s) will receive their Alpha Mu Alpha official materials in time for the graduation or luncheon ceremony celebration (personalized certificate, pin and cord).

Faculty advisors or school administrators can determine their own Alpha Mu Alpha submission deadline date in order to have the physical materials in time for the celebration (personalized certificate, pin and cord). To determine your Alpha Mu Alpha submission’s deadline date, start with the graduation or luncheon ceremony date. Next, work your way backwards starting on the ceremony date and go back to 4-5 weeks out to determine your deadline date. All nominations (with payments) must be received by the AMA in order to begin the Alpha Mu Alpha nomination process and ship out the materials in a timely manner.

Important Note: AMA will no longer offer Alpha Mu Alpha “Rush Processing or Rush Shipping”. Please make sure that you place your Alpha Mu Alpha nominations with enough processing time (estimate 4 to 5 weeks prior to celebration date) to ensure materials arrive on time. 

International Shipping (Outside the USA): Due to Customs/Port Clearance, International Shipping is not guaranteed to arrive within the 4-5 week shipping estimate listed above, and should anticipate longer delivery timelines.  

To begin your Alpha Mu Alpha nomination process, please click on the link below to take you to the nomination application form:
Click here to start the nomination process.

Alpha Mu Alpha Inductee List