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This Pop-up seeks to convene scholars and practitioners interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing. We are witnessing a global paradigm shift in marketing strategies and tactics due to the transformative forces brought by rapid AI advancements. It is crucial to explore this nexus comprehensively from both perspectives, academics and industry. The primary focus of this group is to foster thought leadership, enhance professional knowledge and develop a community of scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of AI and Marketing.

We concentrate on how AI-driven applications (data corpus, AI algorithms, user interfaces, command level) generate novel customer insights, optimize marketing (mix) strategies, improve customer service, enhance advertising, transform marketing organizations and help firms make better data-driven decisions. Further, the SIG explores the ethical implications of using AI in marketing ( i.e., privacy concerns, fair and responsible usage). AISIG is committed to creating a platform that inspires robust discussion, shares innovative research, and develops guidelines for best practices, helping to navigate the new marketing landscape transformed by AI. We believe this SIG will significantly contribute to AMA’s goals and support its members to be at the forefront of the evolving marketing world.


Yakov Bart, Northeastern University

Co-Chairs, Awards and Strategic Initiatives

Koen Pauwels, Northeastern University

Kay Peters, Universität Hamburg