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Advertising Courses

The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Vladimir Melnyk, Francois A. Carrillat, Valentyna Melnyk (2021)

Regulating Product Recall Compliance in the Digital Age: Evidence from the “Safe Cars Save Lives” Campaign
Sotires Pagiavlas, Kartik Kalaignanam, Manpreet Gill, Paul D. Bliese (2021)

Increasing Organ Donor Registrations with Behavioral Interventions: A Field Experiment
Nicole Robitaille, Nina Mazar, Claire I. Tsai, Avery M. Haviv, Elizabeth Hardy (2021)

How Industries Use Direct-to-Public Persuasion in Policy Conflicts: Asymmetries in Public Voting Responses
Kathleen Seiders, Andrea Godfrey Flynn, Gergana Nenkov (2021)

Befriending the Enemy: The Effects of Observing Brand-to-Brand Praise on Consumer Evaluations and Choices
Lingrui Zhou, Katherine M. Du, and Keisha M. Cutright (2021)

The Pet Exposure Effect: Exploring The Differential Impact of Dogs Versus Cats on Consumer Mindsets
Lei Jia, Xiaojing Yang, and Yuwei Jiang (2022)

Choice Architecture for Healthier Insurance Decisions: Ordering and Partitioning Together Can Improve Consumer Choice
Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Eric J. Johnson, Shannon Duncan, Tom Baker (2022)

Analyzing the Cultural Contradictions of Authenticity: Theoretical and Managerial Insights from the Market Logic of Conscious Capitalism
Craig J. Thompson, Ankita Kumar (2022)

Societal Spillovers of TV Advertising – Social Distancing During a Public Health Crisis
Ayan Ghosh Dastidar, Sarang Sunder and Denish Shah (2022)