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  • AMA Academic Special Interest Groups

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities of AMA Academic Members with common scholarly interests – dedicated to growing their field of study.

Join our Academic Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for vibrant scholarly connections! Experience collaborative opportunities, exclusive events, and valuable networking. As an Academic Member, enjoy free access; Professional Members can join for just $45. Shape the future of academia with us!

Discover seamless collaboration through both in-person and virtual interactions. Join special events, like academic conferences, promoting networking and partnerships. Access curated digital resources for enhanced teaching and research. Celebrate excellence as we honor outstanding individuals in the field. Join us in fostering growth, innovation, and connectivity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The American Marketing Association’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer members numerous benefits by fostering focused communities within the broader marketing field. These groups provide opportunities for professionals to deepen their expertise, share insights, and network with peers who share similar interests and challenges. Through SIGs, members can access specialized resources, participate in targeted events and discussions, and stay updated on the latest trends and research in their specific areas of interest. This targeted engagement not only enhances professional development but also drives innovation and best practices within the marketing industry.

AMA Academic members can join as many SIGs as they choose, included with the cost of membership. AMA Professional members can add-on a SIG for $45.

If you have an active Academic AMA membership and would like to join a SIG, please submit your selections through the SIG form.

AMA Pop Up SIGs are focused on current topical marketing trends. Want to start a Pop Up Sig? Apply here.