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About: Service SIG


The mission of SERVSIG is to be the best full-service system for keeping in touch with the people, events, and knowledge of services marketing and management. SERVSIG has adopted three goals: Open, Flexible, and Fun. First, we strive to be open to new people, new ideas, global contributions, interdisciplinary contributions, practitioner contributions, and to new ways of doing things. Second, we strive for the maximum of organizational flexibility. Third, we strive to be a fun organization by being both lighthearted and intellectually nourishing.


SERVSIG’s annual budget is determined by the size of our membership, so we need your help if we are to continue to support the services marketing community. There are two ways to join SERVSIG and support all of our great activities. (1)  When you join the AMA, you are allowed to join one special interest group for free. If you are interested in supporting SERVSIG, then please check the Service box under the Special Interest Groups section of the AMA application. (2) If you are already a member of AMA, then you need to renew your application each year. To support SERVSIG, please select “Service” as your SIG on the renewal application.

Additional Benefits

SERVNET is a moderated electronic mail network for services marketing academics. SERVNET is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and to help others find answers to questions about services marketing. It is a free service offered to SERVSIG and those interested in services marketing issues through cooperation with Arizona State University’s Center for Services Leadership.

Facebook: Join SERVSIG on Facebook! Members can post and comment on updates, chat with everyone at once, schedule group events, create shared docs, and more.

SERVSIG’s Service Doctoral Consortium: This consortium is designed to help doctoral students and new faculty in their academic careers as teachers and researchers of services marketing. By promoting a collegial atmosphere, the Consortium provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with the field’s leading scholars and up-and-coming services marketing scholars.

For more information, visit the SERVSIG Website.

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