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About: Retail & Pricing SIG


We have special sessions and receptions at both the Summer and Winter AMA Educators’ Conferences.  These events are great for staying current on retail and pricing research as well as networking with colleagues.  We also host a Triennial conference with ACRA that focuses specifically on current trends in retail and pricing, as well as retail pedagogy.


The Retail and Pricing SIG will begin alternating Lifestyle Achievement Awards for research in Retail and Pricing.  Lifetime Achievement Awards for scholarly bodies of work in Retail will be awarded in odd years and Lifetime Achievement Awards for scholarly bodies of work in Pricing will be awarded in even years.


You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join our AMA Retail SIG group on LinkedIn .  You can also visit frequent our page on the AMA website for updated information.  Please do not hesitate to email any of the Retail & Pricing SIG officers if you would like additional information.

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