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The November/December 2018 issue of Marketing News is now available.

The term “global marketing” is a bit like “digital marketing” anymore—it feels too ubiquitous, too obvious, too on the nose. We live in a world that’s informed by countless cultures, instant mobile connectedness and the ability to fly across the globe in less than a day. Customers want a local and global experience all at once, and it’s up to marketers to deliver it. 

There are certain truths about consumers that marketers can count on in every country. In this issue, Hal Conick explores how perceptions of masculinity affect men’s purchase behaviors all over the world. While considered controversial by some, evolutionary psychology is increasingly used to better understand how multiple environmental factors influence purchase behavior across nations and cultures. “Now, a larger number of researchers bring together evolutionary psychology and marketing research in search of why consumers spend, how they compete and what motives for consumption bubble under human consciousness,” Conick writes. “Evolutionary psychology is another tool to examine marketing, a way to make predictions about how consumers behave.” 

This issue is filled with insights, case studies and next practices that speak to marketers across the globe, rather than global marketing as a practice. How have you seen the global perspective influence your work? 

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief