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About: Marketing and Society SIG

The Marketing and Society Special Interest Group (affectionately known as “MASSIG”) serves as a convivial gathering point for marketing academics interested in the impacts that Marketing has on our world – both positive and negative. We believe that Marketing holds substantial potential for improving the lives of a society’s members, and seek to study means of achieving such goals. Thus MASSIG members are interested in a wide variety of topics, including social issues, ethics, economic development, transformative consumer research, macromarketing, legal issues, and public policy approaches. We seek to foster scholarly research on societal issues, to facilitate dissemination of scholarly research findings; to promote teaching of societal issues in marketing courses; and to facilitate interaction about societal issues among academic, business, and government sectors.

Among our undertakings are:

  • Support of the Annual AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference (MPPC). This conference is held in late May/early June, and is rotated into Washington, D.C. every other year, where considerable interaction with public policymakers is facilitated.
  • Support of an MPPC “Preconference Consortium for Emerging Scholars” interested in this area. Here research leaders speak to research advances and opportunities in order to offer guidance and encouragement for those considering work in this field. In years when MPPC is not in Washington, this popular consortium is typically hosted at a university campus and is extended to approximately three days of extended research undertakings.
  • Hosting receptions for MASSIG members to gather at the AMA Summer and Winter Academic Conferences.
  • Operating award programs to provide recognition for notable work by MASSIG members including the Lifetime Achievement Award and Emerging Scholar Award.
  • Support of MASSIG Special Sessions on the programs of the AMA Summer and Winter Academic Conferences.

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