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About: Entrepeneurial Marketing SIG

The Marketing and Entrepreneurship Interest Group exists to facilitate research, teaching and other professional activity at the interface between marketing and entrepreneurship.

More specifically, the Interest Group exists to:

  • Generate interest on the part of marketing educators in the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Support the development of marketing theory and the performance of empirical research which reflect the role of marketing in entrepreneurial ventures as well as the role of entrepreneurship in marketing practice.
  • Identify ways to improve the application of marketing principles and concepts to entrepreneurial ventures in companies of all sizes and types.
  • Disseminate knowledge regarding the marketing‑ entrepreneurship interface.
  • Foster entrepreneurial thinking within the marketing discipline.

The Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG works closely with the Global Entrepreneurship & Marketing Association especially on the Global Research Symposium on Marketing & Entrepreneurship​ and the AMA Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG International Doctoral Consortium​.

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The interest group is an outgrowth of the annual Marketing and Entrepreneurship Symposium which is co‑ sponsored by the AMA and the University of Illinois at Chicago. In August of 1988, a core group of individuals involved with the Symposium formed a Task Force on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Originally consisting of eight members, the Task Force grew to twelve in 1990, with each member serving two terms.

The Task Force worked to organize and coordinate the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Interest Group (MEIG), a group of four hundred academics and professionals expressing an interest in the marketing‑entrepreneurship interface. A MEIG database was put together, and a newsletter was sent to these individuals three times a year. The newsletter kept MEIG members abreast of Task Force activities, conferences and programs on entrepreneurship, and general news about teaching and research development and updating of a bibliography addressing the marketing‑entrepreneurship interface, identification and assessment of databases dealing with entrepreneurial start‑ups, investigation of opportunities for teaching marketing and entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe, interaction with local AMA chapters to determine their needs in the entrepreneurship area, and surveys of MEIG members to identify the critical issues and questions at the interface, among others.  Latter an electronic version of the newsletter evolved.

The Task Force has also served in an advisory capacity to the annual Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and has been successful in getting tracks and sessions on entrepreneurship added to the Summer and Winter Educator’s Conferences. Many members of the Task Force and MEIG have served as chairs, discussants, reviewers, and presenters at these forums.​

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