V Kumar Award for Service to Marketing Scholarship

What is the V Kumar Award for Service to Marketing Scholarship?

The award is given biennially at the AMA Winter Academic Conference to recognize academics in the field of marketing who are productive scholars and who have been instrumental in developing doctoral students in marketing. Specifically, the award will recognize an academic in the field who has chaired or been a committee member on a number of dissertations, mentored doctoral students (through conferences, doctoral consortia, and activities) and has taught PhD seminars at their home institution and/or at other universities.  Other contributions to the growth of the discipline will be considered, such as editorial service via the AMA’s journals and conferences, co-chairing a conference, leadership on the Academic Council, and service to various AMA award committees, as well as support of other PhD student-focused AMA programs. ​

Nomination Deadline: October 21, 2018



All scholars who are at a career stage in which they have built a substantial record of impact on doctoral students will be eligible for the award. The nominees should have made significant and recognition-worthy contributions to the advancement of PhD students in marketing and helped create the pipeline of marketing scholars who continue to contribute to the marketing discipline through their research, teaching and service. 

Eligibility requirements are as follows: 

  • Completed their doctorate degree a minimum of fifteen (15) years prior to the nomination year.
  • Be recognized as a productive marketing scholar based on service to and publication in leading marketing journals and, specifically, in AMA journals. 
  • Have a substantial record of training, mentoring, and placing doctoral students. 
  • Have a substantial record of service to AMA initiatives that have nurtured doctoral student success, such as AMA conferences, the John Howard Dissertation Award, AMA DocSIG activities, the PhD Project’s Marketing Doctoral Student Association, and attended a number of AMA/Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortia and other doctoral consortia, or similar activities. 

Additionally, the doctoral students that the scholar has mentored should have contributed to the marketing discipline through their own exemplary service, research and teaching. 

The first award will be given at the AMA Winter Academic Conference (February 22-24, 2019 in Austin TX).

Application Process

Nominations for the award will be submitted online and shared with the award committee for evaluation. The following information is needed to submit a nomination: 

  1. Nominee and nominator contact information
  2. Attached vitae of nominee 
  3. Three letters of nomination (one must be from an individual who has completed his/her dissertation with the nominee as his/her chair).  The three letters must speak towards the following criteria:​​​
    • Evidence of the fact the nominee is a leading scholar in the field (i.e. number of articles published in top tier AMA journals and/or evidence of impact as shown through citations, implementation, etc.​
    • ​​Evidence of significant service to initiatives that have nurtured doctoral student success.
The award will be given once every 2 years.  No self-nominations will be accepted.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Judging Process

A panel consisting of a mix of award recipients, AMA Foundation Board of Advisors members and marketing scholars will serve on the selection committee.  All judges will be leaders and experts in the field of marketing with careers as marketing academics and scholars.

Recognition and Benefits

The recipient of the 2019 award will receive a cash prize, a complimentary conference registration, and a plaque/award. It is expected that the recipient will give a brief acceptance speech at the Winter Conference award lunch.

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