Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor

What is the Erin Anderson Award?

The Erin Anderson Award recognizes emerging female marketing scholars and mentors, while honoring and celebrating the life of Erin Anderson.  Erin was a widely respected mentor and scholar whose research made significant contributions to the marketing discipline.

To honor Erin and support her passion for encouraging women in academe, the Erin Anderson Award recognizes a female marketing scholar– a woman who we anticipate becoming a leading marketing academic in the mold of Erin Anderson.

Nomination Deadline: October 5, 2018



Female marketing professors who received their marketing (or related field) doctoral degree in or after the 2008 calendar year may be nominated or self-nominate. The criteria for the award focus on what made Erin Anderson unique in the academic world. 1) Research: The recipient should be a woman who is an emerging research star in her area of expertise, as evidenced by her publication record and the impact of those publications on marketing thought and 2) Mentoring: The recipient should be someone who has exceeded the normal expectations for someone of her rank in mentoring doctoral students and junior faculty members.

The award is given annually at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference (TBD- Winter 2019).

Application Process

All nominations must be made online by clicking the nomination form at the top of this page and all materials must be submitted at one time. To be considered, the nominees contact information, current vita and three letters of recommendation must be submitted using the online form. Please make sure that the vita contains a section on mentoring activities and provides details on activities such as the number of doctoral students advised, faculty mentoring programs, etc. The letters of recommendation should also specifically address the nominee's research and mentoring accomplishments and characteristics. If selected, nominee should be available to accept her award in person at the 2019 Winter AMA conference.

History of the Erin Anderson Award

We, and many others in the marketing community, were deeply saddened by the unexpected death of Erin Anderson in 2007. After winning a battle against cancer earlier that year, her untimely passing away robbed her of the opportunity to enjoy her victory.

During her career, she published over forty scholarly articles in the top academic journals. Her paper on the role of pledges in channel relationships was the first recipient of the Louis Stern Award selected and presented by the AMA IOSIG. Based on her citations, she was in the top 1½ % of researchers in the social sciences.

But Erin was more than a top-notch academic scholar. She was a caring mentor to many Ph.D. students and faculty members. She was a much-loved Ph.D. supervisor and she shared her experiences and insights with many faculty members as they launched their academic careers. Our discipline suffers when such a kind and caring person is no longer in our midst.

One of Erin’s primary interests was encouraging and enabling women in academe; she mentored many junior faculty as they launched their academic careers. To honor Erin and support her interests, the Erin Anderson Award for a female marketing scholar– a woman who we anticipate becoming a leading marketing academic in the mold of Erin Anderson, who went beyond her significant research contributions to help other develop their careers, was established. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Judging Process

A panel consisting of a mix of award recipients and marketing educators will serve on the selection committee.  All judges will be leaders and experts in the field of marketing with careers as marketing academics, consultants or resesarchers.


Recognition and Benefits

The recipient of the 2019 award will receive a cash prize, a complimentary conference registration, and a plaque/award. It is expected that the recipient will give a brief acceptance speech at the Winter Conference award lunch.

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