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Call for Nominations – Editor in Chief | Journal of International Marketing

Call for Nominations - Editor in Chief | Journal of International Marketing

The American Marketing Association is seeking nominations and applications for the Editor in Chief designate of Journal of International Marketing (JIM). JIM is dedicated to advancing international marketing practice, research, and theory. 

The Editor in Chief (EIC) will serve a three-year term resulting in the publication of the 2025–2027 calendar-year volumes of the journal. The EIC designate will begin review of new manuscripts beginning on or about April 15, 2024. The EIC leads a diverse editorial team to guide the journal.


Qualifications and major criteria for evaluating candidates are the following:

  1. Recognized authority in the area of international marketing
  2. Evidence of commitment and a vision to further enhance the stature of JIM
  3. Evidence of outstanding reviewing service at JIM and/or similar journals
  4. Evidence of managerial ability
  5. Commitment to the values, policies and guidelines of the American Marketing Association
  6. Commitment by the potential EIC’s employer for resource support

Further information about JIM may be obtained at

Nominations, including self-nominations, should be submitted in a letter of no more than two pages, plus a CV of the nominee, by September 30, 2023, to AMA Publications VP Roland Rust at with a copy to Marilyn Stone at There is no need to provide the names of any potential editorial team members during this initial phase of the nomination process. Ideally, the willingness of a nominee to serve will be determined prior to submission of a letter of nomination.

The Selection Committee will contact all nominated EIC candidates to ascertain their interest in being considered for the position. Following a review of the credentials of the interested EIC nominees, the committee will invite three or four EIC finalists to submit a more detailed final-round proposal.

Under current AMA policy, the Selection Committee consists of AMA’s Vice President for Publications (Chair), a past editor of JIM, a representative of AMA’s Academic Council, a representative of the Global Marketing SIG, two at-large members, and a member of AMA’s professional publications staff. This year’s committee consists of Roland Rust (chair), David Griffith (former editor), Kay Peters (AMA Academic Council), Robin Coulter (at-large member), Ana Valenzuela (at-large member), Peter Magnusson (Global SIG), and Marilyn Stone (AMA professional publications staff).

Questions related to the nomination and search process should be directed to:

Roland Rust (
AMA VP of Publications


Marilyn Stone (
Director, Academic Communities & Journals