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Share of Voice: The Growth Lever You Can’t Neglect 

Share of Voice: The Growth Lever You Can't Neglect 

How to Grow Share of Voice and Increase Market Share

The data is clear. Share of voice (SOV) leads to increased market share.  For every 10 points of excess SOV, brands tend to grow market share an extra 0.5%. For brand leaders, it’s an extra 1.5%1.So, have you evaluated your brand’s SOV lately? This might be the market to take a closer look and BlueOcean is a powerful tool in maximizing SOV. 

Download, to learn:

  • The value and significance of SOV
  • Strategies your brand can implement to increase SOV
  • 3 ways BlueOcean can help you accelerate market share growth

1. Binet & Field