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Call for Submissions | Journal of Marketing Virtual Symposium: New Paradigms for a New World (July 24, 2023)

The submission deadline for Journal of Marketing’s special issue on “New Paradigms for a New World” is September 1, 2023. Ahead of this, the Journal of Marketing editors are hosting a virtual symposium on July 24 to allow interested authors to present research ideas to the community and to learn from each other. Participating in the symposium is not a prerequisite for submission to the special issue.


  • Date and time: July 24, 2023, 7 A.M.–5 P.M. EDT (time is subject to revision)
  • Location: Online; registration details will be provided upon acceptance
  • Fee: US$10 to be collected after acceptance

Proposal Submission Guidelines

  • Submission deadline: June 30, 2023
  • Proposal submission method: Please email proposals to Hari Sridhar (
  • Decision notification: July 14, 2023
  • Proposal length: Maximum of 3,000 words (excluding tables and references)
  • Proposal format: Proposals should be submitted as a single Word or PDF file. The cover page should provide the full name, title, affiliation, email address, and phone number of each author. The proposal should include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction and Motivation, Methods and Data, and Results.

Introduction to the Special Issue on New Paradigms for a New World

Scientific progress is fueled by findings that do not conform to existing paradigms. Such challenges to expectations set the stage for new paradigms to emerge. We propose that marketing is likely to be on the cusp of such a transformation, prompted by three sources of disruption: the pandemic and related crisis-driven acceleration and adaptation, technological hyperconnectivity, and societal fragmentation.

This shift has challenged marketing in at least two ways. First, corporations are prompted to take responsibility for their potential contributions to the growth of inequality. Second, marketers have undertaken novel initiatives intended to alleviate some of these societal ills, including promoting consumption that supports equity and inclusion, embracing meaningful brand purpose, fostering economic health and entrepreneurship across socioeconomic strata through social marketing and bottom-of-the-pyramid strategies, amplifying critical and sometimes corrective voices, challenging entrenched power structures, and empowering consumer mobility.


Why This Special Issue, and Why Now?

In this Special Issue, we challenge marketing scholars to reexamine, question, and, in some cases, even discard current paradigms and identify new ones that can help shed light on the new realities with which marketers are faced.

Submitted papers should not only describe the present landscape but also help set theoretical foundations for future study. To encourage further thought, we have posted short videos pertaining to several thought leaders’ perspectives on our website for the Special Issue.