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Is a Master of Science in Marketing Really Worth It?

Is a Master of Science in Marketing Really Worth It?

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In a flourishing marketing field, professionals are gaining new skills for senior positions. Take your career to the next level by earning your graduate degree.

At present, nearly 317,000 individuals are employed in the roles of advertising, promotions, and marketing, and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of marketing managers is expected to grow 10% through 2029. Competition is rife, and professionals are seeking new options for upskilling to help them achieve that next promotion and continue momentum in their careers. If you’re in the same position, continuing your education may be your next move.

Why Should You Consider a Master of Science in Marketing?

If you’re interested in taking on a leadership role within your organization, looking to pivot your career path, or just want to truly master your skills while contributing to your community in innovative ways, then you should think about earning your master’s degree.


While it is possible to move up the ladder without a graduate degree, earning your master’s will likely make it easier for you to attain the leadership role you’re aspiring to, while also honing your management skills in problem-solving, storytelling, strategy, and creativity, making you a well-rounded and capable leader for your team. Earning your degree could be one of the best ways to prove to your current or future employer that you’ve put in the time and effort needed to master the knowledge and capabilities required to serve as an effective leader.

What Will You Learn in a Graduate Level Marketing Program?

We all know that hands-on, practical experience is one of the most valuable assets employers look for in a potential candidate. As such, your graduate program should reflect that. Coursework that is chock-full of only textbook readings, essays, and tests may not provide the quality collaborative experience that you’re looking for, especially as someone who may already have a few years in the industry under your belt.

You want to look for a program that features experiential learning where you’ll be able to develop integrated marketing solutions for real-world organizations using the industry’s leading tools and resources, such as HubSpot, Sprout Social, and Canva. Whether you’re at an agency or in-house marketing department, you’re required to work in teams, and your master’s program should provide that same opportunity for group collaboration on campaigns woven into the course design.

Why Consider Earning Your Master’s in Marketing Online?

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to earn your degree, you’ll want to consider studying online. Why? Because online programs tend to provide much more flexibility and freedom than traditional on-campus programs. As a professional, an online degree will offer the accessibility and convenience you need to accommodate your busy schedule of work and family responsibilities.

Colorado State University Global recently launched a fully online Master of Science in Marketing program that can be completed in as little as 12 months, with courses taught in 8-week terms. The entire program is designed around projects for real organizations so students can master their real-world skills and adapt to complex industries.

“It is important to design a program with project-based learning in mind from the start.” said Dr. Lee Ann Walker, Program Director of Marketing at CSU Global. “In our program, students will work in teams, functioning as a ‘mini agency,’ to create a campaign for an employer, giving them a collaborative experience in a completely virtual setting.”

In CSU Global’s program, you’ll use data-driven approaches to develop strategies and track results; build innovative campaigns based on consumer buying behaviors and in-depth analysis; create advertising, promotional, and selling strategies that build relationships with customers; demonstrate multichannel communication fluency that engages stakeholders; and evaluate the legal and ethical implications of marketing campaigns.

You may also be able to save a great deal of money by studying online with CSU Global, as the university’s tuition rates could be significantly lower than the other schools you’re considering.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get After Finishing Your Degree?

As a graduate, you’ll be prepared for upper-level positions in your organization, taking on more prestigious roles such as Marketing Manager or Director, Market Research Analyst, Social Media Manager or Director, and Media Planner. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, similar roles come with impressive median salaries:

  • Marketing Manager – 2020 Median Pay: $142,170
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers – 2020 Median Pay: $141,490
  • Market Research Analyst – 2020 Median Pay: $65,810

The skills and detailed expertise you develop in a master’s program will ensure you’re prepared to bring value to any of these roles from day one.

If you want to propel your career to the next level, earning a graduate degree could be your next strategic move. To learn more about fully online options with CSU Global, visit