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Call for Papers | Journal of International Marketing and Global SIG Conference: Global Marketing in a Diversified Industrial Economy

Call for Papers | Journal of International Marketing and Global SIG Conference: Global Marketing in a Diversified Industrial Economy

industrial economy

Special Issue Coeditors: Kelly Hewett and Mat Robson

This special issue reflects the theme of the annual conference and invites papers related to how countries’ industrial structure shapes their global business and marketing tactics. As this is a broad theme, papers touching on a wide variety of topics related to international marketing and the influence of country characteristics will be considered relevant.

Submission to the Global Marketing SIG conference is not required for submission to the special issue.

Below are some examples of relevant issues related to the industrial structure of countries that may influence marketing strategies or their implementation. Please note that this list should not be considered restrictive. Papers touching on other topics related to the broad theme of the conference are welcome.

  • Institutional conditions, including
    • Dynamics in emerging markets
    • The influence of government initiatives aimed at economic growth and supporting domestic industries (e.g., enhancing protection for intellectual property, relaxing standards)
    • Shifts in political systems
    • Shifts in economic conditions
    • Dynamics in socially shared, informal institutions (e.g., cultural values, cognitions, customs)
  • Technological infrastructure, including
    • Digital technologies in international market entry
    • Technology-assisted reduction in barriers to entry
    • Technological disruption and agility tactics
    • Technology-mediated marketplaces
    • Internet communication technologies’ influence on business transactions in particular markets
  • Trade relations, including
    • Shifts in trade agreements and impacts on interfirm relationships
    • Export patterns and outcomes in a diversified industrial economy
    • Disruptions in trade relations between particular sets of countries
    • Geopolitical tensions, trade, and investment
    • Channel relations, sovereignty issues, and disintermediation
  • Financial systems, including
    • Dynamics in exchange rates or currency (e.g., digital currency)
    • the rise and fall of consumer confidence
    • Support for born globals and other internationalizing firms
    • State-dominated financial systems
    • Network-dominated financial systems
  • Market structures, including
    • Global and local competitive dynamics
    • Foreign market entry and exit
    • Addressing liabilities of foreignness and origin in particular markets
    • Entrepreneurial growth, disruption, and value innovation
    • The growth and future of local and global customer segments

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2022