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Call for Papers | Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews in Marketing and Public Policy

Call for Papers | Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews in Marketing and Public Policy

Kelly D. Martin and Maura L. Scott

The Editors of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing seek current, in-depth understandings of important topics at the intersection of marketing and public policy. Meta-analyses and systematic review papers can help enrich our understanding of key topics and can help to advance marketing and public policy research. This type of research also can strengthen the broader body of literature on pressing topics that affect consumers, marketers, communities, and society at large.

Research published in JPP&M has addressed pressing topics that inform diverse perspectives for nearly 40 years (celebrating the 40th anniversary in 2021–2022). In doing so, it has drawn on a variety of literature streams including consumer behavior, marketing strategy, management, information sciences, health, nutrition, geography, and political science, among others. Against this backdrop, review papers and meta-analyses can help scholars, policy makers, and practitioners stay abreast of research insights outside their area of specialty.


In addition, meta-analyses and review articles can help provide a complete picture of a research stream as well as inform the future research agenda in a particular space. Collectively, this initiative seeks to advance marketing and public policy scholarship by bringing state-of-the art research on key issues into a single, high-impact special issue.

The Editors are interested in receiving high-quality systematic review papers (Barczak 2017) and meta-analyses (Hulland and Houston 2020; Littell, Cocoran, and Pillai 2008) on topics relevant to a broad range of marketing and public policy issues. We encourage papers that provide an overview or synthesis of original research findings on a specific question or in a specific domain regarding any topic of interest to marketing and public policy scholars, Transformative Consumer Research scholars, policy makers, consumer advocacy groups, and managers. Papers could also identify new patterns in existing studies’ data. Papers should emphasize findings relevant to marketing and public policy, in addition to research contributions.

Areas of investigation might include (but are not limited to) the following topics at the intersection of marketing and public policy:

  • Consumer Scarcity
  • Consumer-Technology Interaction
  • Consumption and the Natural Environment
  • Consumer Financial Decision Making and Financial Well-Being
  • Gender, Sexual Orientation
  • Global Policy Initiatives
  • Happiness and Well-Being
  • Healthcare
  • Race, Ethnicity, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Regulation of Vice Products (e.g., Tobacco, Alcohol, Gambling)
  • Warning Labels

We strongly encourage research teams that include scholars, policy makers, and practitioners.

We invite research using any applicable methodologies, ranging from qualitative synthesis of research findings to quantitative meta-analysis. Papers targeting the special issue should be submitted through JPP&M’s ScholarOne manuscript submission system. Submissions will undergo a similar review process as regularly submitted papers.

Submission timing for the special issue is October 15, 2021–January 15, 2022.


Barczak, Gloria (2017), “Writing a Review Article,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34 (2), 120–21.

Hulland, John, and Mark B. Houston, (2020), “Why Systematic Review Papers and Meta-Analyses Matter: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Generalizations in Marketing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48 (3), 351–59.

Littell, Julia H., Jacqueline Corcoran, and Vijayan Pillai (2008), Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis. New York: Oxford University Press.

Kelly D. Martin is Tinberg “Business for a Better World” University Professor and Professor of Marketing, Colorado State University, USA.

Maura L. Scott is Persis E. Rockwood Professor of Marketing, Florida State University.