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Rethinking Social Strategy

Rethinking Social Strategy


How modern organizations are growing brand value, operational efficiency, and business impact with social media

Keeping social media stuck in marketing misses its greater value.


Hootsuite partnered with Altimeter Group to better quantify how sophisticated organizations are using social to deepen customer relationships, increase brand value and media efficiency, and acceler-ate broader digital transformation. We surveyed 2,162 marketers and conducted in-depth interviews with leaders working in large enterprise organizations with complex social media strategies, answering three critical questions:

  • What do organizations achieve when they broaden their use of social media beyond marketing and communications departments?
  • How does social media impact customer, employee, partner, shareholder, and community relationships?
  • As organizations expand their use of social media to influence these relationships, how does it prepare them to meet broader transformation goals?

This report helps to create a shared language in your organization for the types of business outcomes social media can help you achieve,offering an evidence-backed path you can follow to put social to work in marketing, sales, and HR functions.

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