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Marketing News Special Issue: Higher Ed Marketing During the Pandemic

Marketing News Special Issue: Higher Ed Marketing During the Pandemic

Cover Feature

masked woman wearing graduation garb holding up hand

College Recruitment Gets a Crisis Overhaul

As campuses remain closed and COVID-19 weighs on the minds of prospects, it’s time for higher ed marketers to reconfigure tours, social media strategy and other traditional recruitment tactics.

man wearing mortarboard cap pushing wheelbarrow full of bags of cash

The Ethics of Marketing a Degree in an Economic Downturn

Higher education is hyped as a means to successful ends—but that guarantee is in question during volatile economic times.

illustration of people spaced apart

Higher Ed Marketing Stats Before and During COVID-19

An infographic outlining the state of higher education during COVID and how the pandemic has affected prospective students’ decision-making about their college career.

illustrated hand delicately holding up viral cell balloon

Thoughts From the (Virtual) Quad

Marketers from small and large higher education institutions weigh in on how the coronavirus shutdown has affected their work.

woman doctor holding up vial of liquid

Marketing Research Institutions’ Best and Brightest

Whether attracting future scientists or offering updates on COVID research, it’s vital to pass along a school’s research stories.

man painting over viral cells

Harnessing Community-University Partnerships to Advance Beyond Crisis

Universities are a major part of their local ecosystems, and both parties require one another to survive and thrive after the pandemic ends.

SNHU Monadnock Residence Hall

Free College Hits Students By Surprise

Southern New Hampshire University faces the COVID financial crisis head-on by reducing its tuition to zero.