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Integrating Inclusivity Into Your Submission & Application Process

Integrating Inclusivity Into Your Submission & Application Process


Ensuring inclusivity throughout your submission and application process plays a crucial role in the long-term goals and overall impact of your organization’s mission. As your organization works to expand the impact of your corporate social responsibility program, consider how providing an inclusive and equitable submission and application process could better support and provide resources to historically overlooked populations.

By taking the necessary steps to create an inclusive submission and application process, you can be certain that the people and content you are selecting to be associated with your organization is void of internalized bias and human error. Download Integrating Inclusivity Into your Submission & Application Process and see how implementing these strategies into your own operations could amplify your diversity and inclusivity practices, while increasing the quality and quantity of submissions today.


Learn How to Take Steps Towards Inclusivity, Today

  • Create a diverse review board
  • Learn how to run anonymous reviews
  • Learn the principles of inclusive language

  • Reduce barriers to entry
  • Run inclusivity workshops
  • Create accessible forms and webpages

Submittable is a submission management platform that makes it easy to accept, review, and select any kind of content, no matter where you are. Since 2010, Submittable has helped organizations collect more than 10 million submissions for thousands of customers all over the world. With customizable forms, organized rounds of review, and batch emailing, accepting submissions and applications is now easier, faster, and more dependable, all while making things like scholarships, fellowships, contests, and awards more visible and fair.