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The Rise of ResearchTech

The Rise of ResearchTech

Methodify by Delvinia

We are living in extraordinary times. Our culture has shifted dramatically. Large portions of the population are working from home, while others have been laid off. People are attempting to balance childcare, work, finances, and health concerns in ways they never have before. Because of this, consumer behaviours have been, and continue to be, altered at a never-before-seen pace. Mobile ordering is skyrocketing. Curbside pickups are a must-have. Virtual experiences are a necessity. Keeping up with and understanding these ever-evolving consumer behaviours and sentiments is more important than ever before for marketers and brands. Achieving this in a virtual-first world requires the use of research and technology – specifically, ResearchTech. In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to access real-time insights around rapidly changing customer behaviors and preferences in hours instead of weeks
  • How to use ResearchTech to deliver better products, customer experiences & marketing campaigns that align with what your customers want today
  • How to reduce the time it takes to gather research and increase your efficiency to make more insightful and informed decisions that are relevant to the current climate
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