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Marketing News COVID-19 Special Issue: Marketing During the Pandemic

Marketing News COVID-19 Special Issue: Marketing During the Pandemic

woman wearing hat looking through binoculars
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Cover Feature

woman wearing hat looking through binoculars

How Do You Prepare For Uncertainty?

Marketers have an opportunity to listen, respond and plan during the pandemic—a successful sequence if performed empathetically.

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[Sponsored] From Breakdown to Breakthrough: A Game Plan for Brands During Times of Crisis

Marc Mathieu of Salesforce with five tips on how brands can best navigate change and create a new future.

man wearing face mask on laptop in jar surrounded by virus

Special Marketers’ Confidence Index Report

Marketers have cut budgets drastically and taken clear action as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it’s time to start looking beyond survival tactics.

man working on laptop with sleeping dog next to him on floor

Reaping Convention Benefits in Non-Traditional Ways

Marketers are compensating for the loss of in-person events with a targeted approach across technology mediums.

women in red shirts wearing face masks bagging brown bags

Showing Love By Safely Bagging Lunches

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation pivoted its entire communications strategy in only five days to help feed displaced students during the pandemic.

cartoon of frustrated woman on laptop while baby cries in stroller next to her

Settling Workplace Disputes While Out of Office

Successful virtual conflict mediation begins by replicating an in-person discussion.

illustration of cross-section of woman's skull showing two brains

Research Roundup

Highlights from the AMA journals related to marketing during uncertainty.