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Call for Papers | Journal of International Marketing: Theory and Practice in Global Marketing

Call for Papers | Journal of International Marketing: Theory and Practice in Global Marketing

Special Issue Coeditors: Kelly Hewett, Cheryl Nakata, and Kay Peters

The Journal of International Marketing (JIM) announces the inaugural Theory and Practice in Global Marketing (TPGM) postconference event and special issue. Both the event and special issue aim to foster research in the international marketing domain that focuses on substantive business problems and is supported by evidence based on rigorous methodology. Modeled after the process for the TPM conference, the TPGM process will involve two stages: (1) submissions of PowerPoint slides for a postconference event at the upcoming 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference; and (2) manuscript submissions incorporating feedback from presentations, to be considered for the special issue. Further details on the process are provided below.

There are no constraints in terms of the specific topic addressed in the research, but submissions are limited to empirical research. The critical requirement is that the research highlights important managerial implications for international marketing practice, addressing issues of relevance for firms or their various stakeholders.

Details for Submissions

1. Plan for TPGM Symposium and Special Issue


  • Submission deadline for inclusion in TPGM symposium: December 18, 2020
  • Decisions/invitations to TPGM event sent to authors: January 11, 2021
  • Presentations at TPGM event: Immediately following the 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference
  • Submission deadline for JIM manuscripts (note: only research that was accepted to the TPGM event will be considered for the special issue): October 15, 2021
  • Special issue publication (tentative): 2022

Submissions received by the December 18, 2020, deadline will go through JIM’s standard double-blind review process. The special issue coeditors will make their final decisions based on the input from the review team. We invite all accepted submissions to present at the inaugural TPGM event, which is held as a postconference event after the 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference. The integration of critical and constructive feedback received during the TPGM event will help finalize the manuscripts for submission to the TPGM special issue in JIM. Authors will be asked to make improvements to their manuscripts based on this additional reviewer feedback. Final decisions regarding the publication of submitted papers in JIM are based on the caliber of the manuscripts ultimately submitted and authors’ responsiveness to feedback received during the review process.

2. Initial Submission Format to the TPGM Symposium:

Initial submissions should be a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 10 slides (in reasonable type size). Files need to include the following aspects:

Motivation (1-2 slides)
Outline the motivation for your research, including the problem(s) it aims to solve. Be clear in highlighting the contribution to international marketing theory.


Audience (1 slide)
Identify the relevant target audience(s) for your research and describe why and how your research will be of interest to them.

Data & Method (3-4 slides)
Describe your data and method briefly. (Prepare backup slides for your presentation at the TPGM event, not for your initial submission)

Findings (2-3 slides)
Describe your key findings. Rely on descriptive content, minimizing charts and tables. Highlight the focal numerical results.

Theory–Global Marketing Practice Link (1 slide):
Clearly describe how your research bridges marketing theory to the practice of global marketing, carve out the managerial implications of your results, and comment on their generalizability.

We look forward to receiving your submission by December 18, 2020.

Please submit PowerPoint files to

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this call for papers or any of the information above.