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Terry Flannery | AMA Marketing in Higher Education Conference 2019

Jonathan Nelson

Terry Flannery has led some of the most successful brand campaigns in all of higher education, including American University’s WONK and University of Maryland’s Fear the Turtle. She has influenced and inspired countless marketing colleagues and contributed to the professionalization of our work, through frequent presentations and as past chair of this AMA Symposium. In 2018, she was recognized as International Brand Master.

Flannery is a consultant, speaker and author of The Value of Marketing U, an upcoming book for the Johns Hopkins University Press in their higher education leader series (Fall 2020).


A 2017 fellow in the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership and Chair-Elect of the Board of Trustees of CASE, one of the largest global education associations in the world, Flannery has set her sights on higher education leadership at even greater levels of impact.


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