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Is an MBA the Right Move for Marketers?

Is an MBA the Right Move for Marketers?

Kelsey Van Scoy

Find out for yourself at the World’s Largest MBA Event

An MBA is one of the most talked about graduate degrees in the world…but the burning question on a lot of marketers’ minds is, “do I need one? Won’t experience make up for not pursuing an MBA?”

The answer definitely varies based on your personal and professional situation, but one thing that’s for certain is that an MBA can help set you up for success in your marketing career. 

The average salary for a marketer with an MBA in the US is $95,000 while those with only a bachelor’s degree earn an average salary of $66,000. So, while many mid to upper level job descriptions may not say MBA required, it’s definitely common for them to say “MBA preferred”.


While the thought of going back to school may sound overwhelming, there’s one event that can help you get all of your MBA-related questions answered under one roof. The World’s Largest MBA Tour hosted by QS is coming to a city near you this Fall. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with admissions representatives from top business schools such as Kellogg, UCLA, Duke, NYU, USC, LBS, INSEAD, IE, Imperial, and many more (schools in attendance vary by city!) 

At this event, you’ll also have access to information sessions, admissions panels, and educational seminars. Attendees will also receive a LinkedIn headshot, resume review, an application profile consultation, test prep advice, and so much more – all for FREE and all under one roof. 

And by attending, you’ll gain access to up to $7M in scholarships which could certainly help fund your MBA venture. The QS World MBA Tour is a great opportunity to explore your MBA options and decide if an MBA is right for you.

An MBA can teach you many different skills needed to be successful in marketing: from leadership and communication skills to market research and product positioning. It can also give you business networking opportunities that you wouldn’t have had otherwise, and it can land you that higher-paying salary you’ve probably been dreaming of. Explore whether an MBA is the right personal and professional move for you at the QS World MBA Tour coming to a city near you.

For more information and to save your spot for free, visit the QS website.