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Practitioner Panel at 2019 Summer AMA

Monica Gerhardt

Featuring participants from companies like Amazon, Facebook,, and more, the practitioner panel will help build new bridges between our academic community and marketing practitioners.  What sort of marketing questions do practitioners need answered?  What sort of research collaborations are possible with some of the world’s leading companies?  How can marketing academics ensure their work is put into practice and transform consumer experiences?  The practitioner panel will address these questions and more.

Panel Speakers

Aaron Robinson

Marketing Science Partner



Geoff Nyheim

US Central Area Director for Amazon Web Services


Maggee Bond

Innovation Executive, Research

Katie Malone

Director of Data Science

Civis Analytics

Allstate logo.

Deepti Ramakrishnan

Senior Marketing supervisor, Digital Content and Brand Strategy


Jamee Pearlstein

Senior Brand Manager

Blue Bunny, KraftHeinz

Monica Gerhardt is Director of the Academic Communities and Journals at AMA where she delivers community-driven events, supports volunteer leaders and Special Interest Groups, and continues to foster a “sense of home” for fellowship and camaraderie among marketing academics.