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Capitalizing on the urban mobility opportunity

Capitalizing on the urban mobility opportunity

Kadence International

Urban mobility is a highly lucrative space – with everyone from auto manufacturers to tech companies to government organizations looking to get a slice of the action. But how do you tap into the opportunity?

In this report, Kadence International, a global research company, shares its recommendations for brands looking to develop new mobility solutions, based on our own proprietary consumer research.


We spoke to over 5000 commuters in 15 cities across the US, Asia and Europe, which closely match our global footprint. We wanted to help brands understand the citizen perspective. What are the problems facing commuters and how can brands respond? Central to this research was testing a number of future concepts – everything from autonomous vehicles to air taxis. This enabled us to test the appeal and uptake of new ideas. More importantly, it allowed us to uncover global themes in how consumers respond to new concepts within

the urban mobility space, invaluable insight for any brand looking to launch its own solution.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How commuters in each market responded to new concepts, like autonomous cars, premium car sharing services and schemes for incentivizing green travel choices
  • The key themes that emerged at a global level, crucial for informing proposition development and marketing of new mobility solutions 
  • The brands that consumers expect to own the future of mobility

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