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eBook: Communicating the ROI of Employee Advocacy

eBook: Communicating the ROI of Employee Advocacy


Are you considering launching an employee advocacy program but you’re not sure how to communicate the ROI of employee advocacy internally?

Once you are familiar with employee advocacy benefits and you have made the decision to encourage employees to become brand ambassadors, the next step is to communicate value to C-level leaders involved in the buying process.


We’ve gathered all the key insights and stats you need to confidently communicate ROI to C-level executives involved in internal communications, marketing, sales and HR:

  • How employee advocacy encourages internal conversations across the organization
  • How brand ambassadors can support your marketing strategy
  • How empowering your employees on social media can boost your social selling strategy
  • How to attract the right talent with employee advocacy
  • Best practices for measuring the ROI of an employee advocacy program

There you have it. The complete guide to employee advocacy ROI!

Download the eBook today!