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Type: Revisits

Revisit: Food Waste Management

Solving the Wicked Problem, Book to be edited by Elina N?rv?nen, Nina Mesiranta, Malla Mattila & Anna Heikkinen; Proposal deadline 28 Feb 2018


Revisit: Ghost Signs

Ghost Signs: Historical, Social and Cultural Perspectives on Fading Advertising, Book to be edited by Stefan Schutt, Leanne White and Sam Roberts; Chapter abstract deadline 30 May 2014


Revisit: Innovation Marketing

Call for chapter submissions for Innovation Marketing: Balancing Internal and External Stakeholders' Interest for the Management of Innovation; Deadline 31 Jan 2014


Revisit: CEO Branding

CEO Branding: Meaning, Measuring, Managing, Book to be edited by Marc Fetscherin; Deadline 15 Dec 2013