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Insights into processes underlying Capability, Complexity, and Resilience using IMP assumptions to studying Markets-as-Networks, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management; Deadline 4 Dec 2021


Remote Work

The Rise and Consolidation of Digital Platforms and Technologies for Remote Working: Opportunities, Challenges, Drivers, Processes, and Consequences, Special issue of the Journal of Business Research; Deadline 15 Aug 2021


Tech and SDGs

Technology, Stakeholder Collaboration, and Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Special issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change; Deadline 30 Sep 2022


COVID-19 and Financial Services

New Trends in Financial Service Delivery and Corporate/Individual Financial Planning amidst the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Special Issue of the Journal of Financial Services Marketing; Abstract deadline 15 Nov 2020


Homo Ignorans

Exploring When and Why People Neglect and Deliberately misinterpret Information, Special issue of the Journal of Economic Psychology; Deadline 28 Feb 2021