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CBSIG Awards

The AMA's Consumer Behavior SIG calls for nominations for three awards; Deadline 13 Oct 2023


JCR Inclusion Grants

For authors who have been offered a revision opportunity, but who do not have access to sufficient funds


SCP Fellows

The Society of Consumer Psychology announces the nomination process for its Fellow Award; Deadline 30 Sep 2023


Gerald E. Hills Award

Liu, Eng and Takeda (2015) has been chosen the Gerald E. Hills Best Paper on Entrepreneurial Marketing by the AMA's Entrepreneurial Marketing SIG


Business for a Better World

Ekonkar Kaur, Yafei Guo and Yougeong Song have won the Colorado State College of Business Business for a Better World Dissertation Proposal awards


SERVSIG Lovelock Award

Martin Wetzels is the winner of the 2023 Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award