Virtual Conference: Build Your Brand


10:00 am - 10:45 am

Keynote: Disruptors - Keeping 'challenger' brand energy alive in a world of non-believers

In the session, “Disruptors – Keeping ‘Challenger’ Brand Energy Alive in a World of Non-Believers,” Jay Norman, Director of Global Creative Strategy at Spotify, will uncover the thrilling universe of challenger brands. Jay will show how these brands retain their courageous, pioneering spirit despite skepticism and resistance. Jay will provide you with a combination of strategic understanding and enthralling anecdotes from his career, delivering tools to help make your brand current and revolutionary. The talk stresses the need to remain agile, original, and daringly ambitious, stimulating you to turn every doubt into a stepping stone leading to ground-breaking success.

Justin Norman

Global Head of Music Marketing, Spotify

10:55 am - 11:25 am

Putting the Consumer at the Heart of Your Brand Strategy

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-centric world, brands must prioritize putting their customers at the heart of their creative processes to drive success. Join Caitlin Galvin, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Customers at, Zappi, and Kate Schardt, VP, Global Insights Capabilities & Partnerships at PepsiCo, as they explore how PepsiCo has revolutionized its approach to creative effectiveness by partnering with consumers. Discover the challenges that prevent brands from effectively integrating consumer preferences into their creative processes and how to overcome them. Learn about PepsiCo’s innovative internal management solution, Ada, which serves as a single source of truth, empowering teams across the business to access global insights and iterate on ideas with consumers. Gain insights into balancing global and local imperatives, allowing local teams autonomy while maintaining consumer-centricity at all levels. Attendees will walk away with actionable strategies for fostering a consumer-centric mindset within their organizations, leveraging data-driven insights to inform creative decisions, and ultimately driving creative effectiveness. By embracing a collaborative approach that puts consumers at the forefront, brands can unlock the key to creating impactful, resonant campaigns that drive business success.

Caitlin Galvin

SVP, Global Enterprise Accounts, Zappi

Kate Schardt

VP, Global Insights Capabilities & Partnerships, PepsiCo

11:35 am - 12:05 pm

Beyond the Logo: Building Brand Identity

Today, building a strong brand goes far beyond just having a recognizable logo. This presentation explores the critical role of brand identity, storytelling, and authenticity in a competitive landscape.

Courtney Hughes

Director of Global Brand Campaigns & Product Launch, Dell




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