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Your AMA membership includes participation in a local professional or collegiate chapter that provides you with community connections, marketing knowledge and volunteer leadership opportunities. Make sure to take advantage of all that AMA chapters have to offer.

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Locate the AMA professional chapter or collegiate chapter nearest to you.  Visit your local chapter's website to see upcoming events and activities and to learn how to get involved.

Start a Chapter
No AMA chapter in your area?  Request information on forming a professional chapter in your city or a collegiate chapter at your university

Chapter Leadership Resources
The Professional Chapter Resources Site and Student Resource Center provide current AMA chapter leaders with tools and information to assist with chapter operations. 

Note: the Professional Chapter Resources site is a private site only for current professional chapter board members.  If you are currently serving on your professional chapter board but are unable to access the site, email profchapters@ama.org for assistance.

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There are 75+ professional chapters across the US and Canada where you can access and contribute to the knowledge base of their local market.

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