SABRE Business Simulation

SABRE Business Simulation
2019 AMA International Collegiate Conference

New Orleans, LA

SABRE™, (Strategic Allocation of Business Resources), is a market simulation developed by IIBD and used in IIBD's executive courses, and in MBA programs worldwide, including Wharton, University of North Carolina, University of Michigan, and abroad.

About the Competition
The SABRE Business Simulation takes place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. SABRE provides the competitive environment which immerses the participants in a dynamic competitive situation. Teams may add and withdraw products from the marketplace as well as advertise, price, distribute and design those products to best fit varying market segments.

Each decision period represents a year of business activity. At the start of each period team members receive a company report and various market studies. The company report is a detailed snapshot of the company's results while the market studies detail product awareness, customer purchase habits, customers' perceptions, etc.

Each team makes a series of strategic decisions - product planning, sales force deployment, R&D expenditures and market research purchases. Once the decisions are made, the team decisions are collected and loaded into the administrator's computer.

The simulation is run (simulating one year in the marketplace) determining market share, product contribution and overall profit for each company. Each team has an equally fair chance of succeeding depending on the strategies and tactics they employ.

Participants must make their decisions in the face of uncertain market conditions, including competitor's moves. As is often the case in real life, there is no one specific solution to a problem but there are alternatives that are clearly superior or inferior


Only currently affiliated undergraduate AMA collegiate chapters may participate. AMA International Collegiate Conference registration and AMA membership are required to participate. Bringing the necessary technology to participate (2-3 laptops) are the responsibility of the participating chapters. 

Submission Process

The online application will open at Noon Central Standard Time on February 13, 2019.

  • Each AMA chapter may enter one team into the competition with 3 – 6 team members​
  • Faculty name/email will be needed
  • Lead Contact needed to finalize $25 payment. 

Online Registration will open at this Wufoo Link

Registration will remain open until 30 spots are filled. ​


All payments for the SABRE Competition are now being done through a separate payment page. The Lead Contact will be sent the link to complete the competition payment after membership and conference registration have been verified. Your spot in the competition isn't complete until payment has been made. 


Once we reach 30 teams, the competition will be considered full, with others being put on a Waitlist. To register for the waitlist once the link above reaches its capacity, please register for the waitlist via this link. ​

Participation is on a first come basis for AMA collegiate chapters completing the online application with credit card payment starting February 13, 2019 to the Collegiate Division. Your participation or waitlist status will be confirmed by the Collegiate Division within 2-4 business days of submission.

Questions? Contact us at​

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