Outstanding Marketing Week Competition

Traditionally held the first full week in October, this year Marketing Week should be held the week of October 2-6 2017, or as close to that week as possible, as it also serves as an awareness/recruitment time for your AMA chapter. It's acceptable to hold Marketing Week any time, but to enter the competition, activities must be completed before the November submission deadline (Noon Central Time, November 8, 2017).

To enter the Outstanding Marketing Week Activities Competition the chapter needs to provide a two page (maximum) summary report (1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 point font). Entries must be saved with your chapter name and competition name ("University name_Outstanding Marketing Week"), and be uploaded by NOON Central Time, November 8, 2017.

The summary report should include:

  1. The goals established for Marketing Week (quantify). They might include: Building awareness of the club and/or the AMA brand, professional development, recruitment of new and returning members, fundraising, along with others measurable goals.    

  2. A detailed list of social media activities around your Marketing Week and member recruitment promotions, including the social media channels and accounts posted to. (List the channel and the @ handles).

  3. A list of the activities planned; including any goals specific to individual activities, target audience, location of event, etc.

  4. Details of how the activities were executed.

  5. Evaluation of the results of the activities in terms of the stated goals.  

Criteria used to judge the Outstanding Marketing Week Activities Competition

Goals 30% (overall for Marketing Week and for each individual activity)

  • Clearly articulated

  • Appropriately ambitious

  • Quantified

Activities 40%

  • Are there a variety of activities?

  • Do the activities show creativity and innovation?

  • Are the activities appropriate given the goals?

  • Are these activities of high quality?

  • Who benefits from these activities (charity, fundraising, etc.)?

  • Do programs recognize the needs of target markets?

  • How much professional interaction is involved?

Execution 20%

  • How well were the activities executed?

  • What was the quality/value of the actual activities?

  • Were the activities well coordinated? 

  • How well was the social media plan being executed to support the activities?

  • How many people from the target audience attended each activity?

Results 10%

  • Were objectives as set forth in the original Marketing Week plan met by activities?

  • How successful were the activities in reaching the overall Marketing Week goals and individual activity goals?

  • Did the chapter gain new members from Marketing Week activities?

This is a competition judged by AMA Collegiate student with oversight by the faculty advisor Collegiate Chapters Council.​ 

Submitting Your Entry
Entries must be saved with your chapter name and competition name ("University name_Outstanding Marketing Week"),  

Upload your entry using this Wufoo Form

You will receive an email copy of your entry, once completed.

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