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The AMA Collegiate Chapters Council and Collegiate Chapters Division offers active AMA chapters and members numerous opportunities to be recognized for their excellence and assist in the growth of their professional development. Awards and competitions, offered over the course of the academic year, are available in a variety of topics. For details about individual awards and competitions, click on the name of the Award or Competition below.


Submissions are due by 12:00pm (NOON) CT on the deadline date. Early submissions before the deadline are encouraged!

AMA Collegiate Case Competition -  Opens July 13, 2016- Due December 7, 2016

September- Welcome Back!


AMA Marketing Week is October 3-7, 2016, or anytime in October

Chapter Plans Due for All Chapters: October 12, 2016 (Noon Central Time)

Outbound Sales Competition - Registration Opens September 30 for First Round October 17

Website Competition -  Due November 2, 2016

Outstanding Marketing Week Competition- Due November 9, 2016


Hugh G. Wales Faculty Advisor Award- ​Due December 7, 2016

AMA Collegiate Case CompetitionDue December 7, 2016

Coca-Cola Global Internship​- Due December 14, 2016

AMA ICC Competition registrations (when applicable) open at 12:00pm (NOON) CT on the date listed. Early submissions before registration opens will not be accepted.

SABRE Business Simulation- Opens January 4, 2017

Chapter Exhibit CompetitionOpens January 4, 2017

Faculty Advisor Papers / Abstracts- Due January 11, 2017

Marketing Strategy CompetitionOpens January 11, 2017

Perfect Pitch Competition​ - Opens January 18, 2017

AMA Student Marketer of the Year - Due January 25, 2017


Student Research Posters - Due February 1, 2017

AMA International Sales Competition -  Opens February 1, 2017

AMA EBSCO Marketing Scholar Award - Due February 8, 2017

AMA Social Impact ScholarshipDue February 8, 2017
AMA Diversity Leadership ScholarshipDue February 8, 2017​
Annual Report Due for all chapters- Due February 15, 2017 (Noon Central Time)​

USCA Sales Student of the Year​ - Due February 26, 2017



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