AMA Student Marketer of the Year

The mission of the AMA Collegiate Chapters Division is to be the world’s leading professional student organization by furthering the professional development of students through leadership training and involvement in the field of marketing.


The AMA Student Marketer of the Year Award, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual, focuses attention on the varieties of ways AMA Collegiate members demonstrate excellence and commitment to their AMA chapter’s mission and the Collegiate Chapters’ Division mission.  The Award recognizes AMA Collegiate members who demonstrate superior leadership, service to AMA, academic achievement, and impact on their community.  Award recipients are recognized at the International Collegiate Conference, but do not need to be present to be nominated and awarded.

Each chapter may submit ONE entry only. Nominating a member for this award is a great way for a chapter to recognize one its members. 


Student Applicants will be evaluated based on a complete application packet and the following criteria: Service to AMA, Impact, Leadership and a drive for Academic Excellence.

Service to AMA
Service to AMA reflects the student’s commitment to their community; students must demonstrate instances in which they provided leadership and support to service initiatives that benefit their AMA Chapter and their community. Service includes, but is not limited to, involvement in the AMA Collegiate Chapter, including positional leadership.  Preference is given to applicants who provide explicit evidence of leadership for service initiatives, act with integrity while serving, and successfully represent the mission of both their AMA chapter and the AMA Collegiate Chapters Division.

Applicants will be evaluated based on the overall impact of their work with the Collegiate Chapter of the AMA and the community. An applicant’s contribution or service should produce a positive change for others. Areas of impact may include, but are not limited to: academic fields of study, social change, cultural awareness, and/ or environmental preservation.

Successful applicants demonstrate effectiveness as a leader on and off campus. Leadership empowers others, challenges process, and creates positive change. Leadership is not strictly positional; it also involves fellowship and being a good team player.

Academic excellence
Academic excellence is a demonstration of the applicant’s commitment to education.  GPA is only a component for academic excellence; and while this should be reported in the resume, it is not the only factor which will be considered.  Students demonstrate academic excellence in a brief essay which focuses on the students’ passion for learning, willingness to explore new ideas, and creative application of knowledge to real world solutions.   Uses of brief examples are welcome.

Application Materials Needed
A complete application package will include the following:

a. Two letters of recommendation; one from the faculty advisor to the Collegiate Chapter of AMA, and one from an AMA Collegiate officer or a community leader who has benefitted from the service or actions of the applicant. Recommendations must be from individuals familiar with the applicant and his or her accomplishments and the letter should highlight these accomplishments.

b. A current resume, not to exceed one page. Resumes that exceed limits will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee.

c. Student Nominee response to essay questions.  Essays that exceed the page limits will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee.

Nominee Essay Questions

Students must respond to BOTH essay Questions. Limit the response to QUESTION ONE to ONE-HALF PAGE, the answer to QUESTION TWO is limited to ONE PAGE maximum. Both essays should be double spaced 8.5" x 11", 1" margins, and12pt TIMES NEW ROMAN. Answer both questions in one document (page 1 is essay one response, page 2 is essay two response). Save as "Essay_Student Nominee Name". Judges will look for concise, well-edited, insightful responses.

  1. Describe how you have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to both your education and professional development. (ONE-HALF PAGE MAX)

  2. Describe an experience, related to your AMA membership, where you made a difference on-campus, in the community, region, nation or world. Describe the ways in which you learned and what the experience meant to you. Consider the Service to AMA and your community, how you demonstrated leadership in this example and the impact you had on others as a result of your involvement. (ONE PAGE MAX)

Submission and Judging Process

Award applicants will be evaluated by a Selection Committee composed of AMA Collegiate members.

1. Applicants will upload their two letters of recommendation, resume, and responses to essay questions via an ONLINE FORM no later than January 23, 2019, at Noon Central Standard Time. 

2. Nominations will be reviewed for compliance and completeness, and sent to Student peer judges for evaluation.

3. The Student selection committee will review application materials and identify the top nominees to the Faculty Advisors who will make the final determination of the Award recipient(s).

4. Awards will be announced at the International Collegiate Conference. Please note that the nominee does not have to be present to win an award.

All applications must be received by January 23, 2019, at Noon Central Standard Time. Late, incomplete, or emailed applications will not be considered.

Visit the ONLINE FORM to submit your nomination.

Questions? Contact us at​​​​​.

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 Past Recipients

Student Marketer of the Year ​
Gina Godlewski
St. John Fisher College

Runners Up 
Christina Fortunato
Chatham University​

Christina Young
Aurora University​

Student Marketer of the Year
Katelyn Herlache, UW-Whitewater 

Runners Up
Candace Gooding, University of Arkansas 
Giuliana Carella, Saint Joseph's University 

Student Marketer of the Year
Natalie Schibrowsky, UNLV

Runners Up
Junia Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
Samantha Hoerchner, UW- Whitewater

Student Marketer of the Year
Amanda Hepner, Texas State University

Runners Up
Austin Durham- UW- Whitewater
Gabriel Noboa, FIU

Student Marketer of the Year
Dana Aschaker, UW- Whitewater

Runners Up
James Bois Smith, UCO
Michael Perez, FIU

Cress J. Terrell, Texas State University

Emory Pinto, FIU