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The AMA Foundation Collegiate Chapter Community Service Grant will be awarded to  AMA Collegiate Chapters in good standing that have proposed a community service project that aims to strengthen the marketing program and support a local or national nonprofit organization through an innovative and creative approach using marketing. 

Eligible Chapters will meet the following list of qualifications/criteria: 

1. At the time of application submission, the Chapter must provide documentation to include their project’s philanthropic goal, methodology,  and budget requirements for their proposed project.  (See below for description of each and sample project)
2. At the time of application submission, the Chapter and Nonprofit must sign off on a project agreement letter with both parties stating acknowledgment and participation of the project. The AMAF will provide the agreement letter and hold harmless clause. Click here to access agreement letter.
3. At the time of the application submission, the Chapter must submit a copy of the Nonprofit’s 501c3 form.
4. If selected as a recipient, the Chapter must maintain its AMA membership during the grant period.  
5. Post-report must be submitted by May 1 to AMAF and on the success of the project.  Click here to access the post-report.

Grant Applications need to include the following at submission:

PROJECT GOAL: Describe the goal of your Chapter’s proposed marketing project (specifically focus on the marketing goals of the project). Additionally, describe the results your Chapter’s proposed community service project will have on strengthening the community (i.e. in what way will your Chapter’s results make an impact on the community; how many people will be reached, etc.).

PROJECT METHOD: Outline and describe the methods your Chapter will use in providing marketing assistance to a nonprofit (i.e. how your Chapter will accomplish the goal, such as developing a marketing plan, doing marketing research, etc.).

PROJECT FUNDING: Explain your Chapter’s funding needs (i.e. a brief budget narrative).

Please click here to view sample projects previously submitted

Grant Timeline:

Applications are due by November 15 

Grant Recipients selected by January 15

February 1 through March 1 for Chapters to implement the project

Recognition at the Annual 2022 International Collegiate Conference

Questions? Email Gina Anzalone, AMA, Foundation Manager