Which Touchpoints Matter? Decoding The Path to Purchase

Luth Research
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Key Takeaways
  • ​Mixing passive metering of digital devices with trigger surveys at physical stores, we deliver end-to-end insights on how consumers navigate major purchases. Our ZQ Intelligence™ digital tracking technology provides extensive, unfiltered observation of their daily lives, offering behavior-based insights on omnichannel shopping.
  • This e-book's categories — auto, appliances and online groceries — represent prototypical purchase processes with varying degrees of digital vs. non-digital touchpoints. They uncover behaviors you can take advantage of no matter what industry you're in.​

The path to purchase gets more complex by the day with intertwined influences from digital and physical channels. This is a deep dive into how consumers are shopping in the omnichannel world.


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Luth Research
Janeen Hazel Director of Marketing Luth Research 1365 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101 Office: 619.234.5884 jhazel@luthresearch.com
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