The Marketing Leader's Playbook For Creating a Culture of Measurement

Allie Butters
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Key Takeaways
  • ​How to embrace marketing attribution and lay the foundation for measurement success 
  • The different types of attribution models and what fits best for your business 
  • How to build a culture of measurement on your team 
  • What and how each member of your team should measure his or her activities 
  • How to ensure that change management continues, even after the initial behavior change​

As a marketing leader, you are being asked to show the true impact that marketing investments have on revenue. And tracking marketing's contribution to revenue is more than just having your marketing operations manager run reports through your CRM--it requires strategic change within your team and organization. 
Download "The Marketing Leader's Playbook For Creating a Culture of Measurement" to learn how to lay a foundation for measurement success across your marketing organization.

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Allie Butters
BrightFunnel Marketing Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @itsme_allieb
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