The Internet of Things: Marketing's Opportunities and Challenges

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Key Takeaways
  • ​The Internet of Things (IoT) are devices and sensors connected to computing systems and networks.
  • Marketers can apply IoT concepts and technologies to understand how consumers acually behave, identify when consumer loyalty falters and identify ways to improve the customer experience.
  • The challenge is to tame the flood of data to make the right customer decisions in a timely manner.

​IoT brings significant opportunities for marketers by providing more data about specific areas of consumer behavior.

But how can you realize the full value of IoT, and improve revenues and the customer experience? Read this paper to learn how marketers can apply event-based marketing and real-time marketing capabilities to capitalize on IoT data in the moment by pinpointing significant customer events, which then trigger real-time customer decisions. Best offers delivered in real time, given the consumer’s current context.



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