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Key Takeaways
  • ​Discover how to meet customers' high expectation
  • Insights into artificial​ intelligence, the internet of things, and cloud computing
  • Learn how to use advanced customer data analytics to connect with your audience
Customers today have high expectations. They anticipate that companies will meet them where they are and when they want. They respond to experiences that are timely, targeted, and tailored to their specific needs—and reject those that aren’t. To meet these customer demands—to anticipate the micro moments of the 21st century consumer—companies must be able to differentiate their brands using real-time data analytics. 

Today more than ever they can, thanks to a slew of converging technologies including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and cloud computing. Indeed, advanced customer data analytics, at incredible speed and precision, aren’t just possible now—they’re an imperative for companies hoping to connect tightly with their audience.


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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
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