Optimizing your Marketing Technology Stack with Unified Customer Data

Kimberly de Silva
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Key Takeaways
* Find out how data silos are impeding their business’ success

* Learn how to break through silos and converge data on a customer data platform (CDP)

* Discover how single customer profiles based on real-time data will enable customer-centric marketing

With this whitepaper, we want to uncover the challenges marketers face in today’s world of marketing technology. The challenge lies with deep-rooted data silos that cause fragmented data and, in turn, fragmented marketing. The solution can be found in breaking down those data silos, allowing for the free flow of data between marketing technology platforms and organizational departments. With this converged data infrastructure, the marketer will be able to create a 360-degree profile of their individual customers, providing the foundation for truly customer-centric marketing.


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Kimberly de Silva
Kimberly de Silva is the Content Marketing Manager of Mapp Digital. A writer by day and a reader by night, her superpower is turning jargon-filled communication into digestible content. Kimberly’s work has been shared on Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and TechCrunch. <br /><br /> Connect on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-de-silva <br /><br /> Mapp Digital US, LLC 9276 Scranton Rd. Suite 500 San Diego, CA 92121 https://mapp.com/
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