Your Ticket to High-Performing ABM & Sales Enablement

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Key Takeaways
  • ​Topics at the heart of modern Account-Based Marketing
  • Illustrates the importance of leveraging ABM across multiple facets of a company’s sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Valuable insights from Sangram Vajre (Co-Founder and CEO of Terminus), Nikki Nixon (Director of #FlipMyFunnel), Eric Stoddard (previously of Demandbase, now at LinkedIn), and Charlie Liang (Director of Marketing at Engagio).

​The business impact of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) cannot be overstated. It has recast sales and marketing strategies, inspired new technology decisions, and provoked rapid tactical shifts in sales pipeline management. Looking ahead, ABM will exert increasing influence over the processes, content, audience engagement, and analytics that drive revenue growth.

From mastering the basics of content management and performance to educating marketers and sellers on ABM, this eBook unlocks the door to content-rich engagement. It also illustrates how solutions such as sales enablement have become instrumental to increasing ROI and account conversion rates.


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